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  • What We Do

    Private Aircraft Operations from Manchester,NH



    If you live or work in Southern NH and have places to go on the US East Coast, Eastern Canada or the Bahamas, but the airlines don't fly there, or it would take too long, or you don't like airline flying, or it's too far to drive, or you want travel flexibility, or you want some privacy, then buy a private plane! Let us fly you in it, or let us train you to fly it. Ride in the back or ride up front; it’s YOUR choice.


    You'd be able to fly WHERE you want to go, WHEN you want to go, to one or more destinations and come home the same day - no layovers, no hotels, no wasted time. Or you could fly to your destination and stay for as long as you want. It's all up to you! This flexibility is accomplished through the private ownership of light high-speed aircraft.


    Not only would you be able to fly to the cities the airlines serve, you'd be able to fly to HUNDREDS of smaller cities they don't serve (see "Destinations" below). In fact, the airlines fly to only 10 East Coast airports from Manchester; we fly to 486!


    The easy access airports we fly to have private terminals with private conference rooms and private parking areas. No parking fees, crowds, airline personnel, security guards, waiting lines, shoe and belt removal, x-raying, body-scans, pat-downs or "re-accommodation".


    When you fly in your own aircraft, you will never miss your flight. You will never lose your luggage. You will never deal with ticket or gate agents. You will never have assigned seating. You will never feel like a sardine. You will never be subjected to the noise of public transportation. You will never wonder who is on board. You will never eat "airline food". You will never wait forever to disembark upon arrival. You will never waste time.


    Your private plane will not leave until you arrive at the airport and are ready to go. Your luggage flies with you. You will be personally escorted by your pilot. You can sit wherever you want; just stretch out and relax. You will experience the solemnity of flight. You will know everyone on board. You can eat and drink whatever you like. You can disembark immediately after engine shutdown. A private plane is a timesaver.


    No rushing, no waiting, no wasted time, no aggravation, no stress, no headaches, no sweat (see "Gallery" below). Experience how easy it can be to travel by air. Simplicity made possible through private aircraft ownership.


    We offer four options to you: 1. Buy a private plane and fully own it, or 2. Co-buy a private plane and own it with one or two other buyers, or 3. Lease a private plane as the sole lessee, or 4. Lease a private plane via time-sharing.


    YOU select the aircraft you want, YOU decide if you want to own or lease it, YOU decide how you want to use it (as opposed to fractional operations that dictate what type of aircraft you can buy into, what fractional share is available to you [from 8 to 32 unknown owners] and how you can’t fly up front).


    Owning or leasing a private plane is not just a luxury for the rich and famous. It's THE solution for individuals and businesses who need travel options and value their time, privacy and freedom. Flying in your own private plane will change your life.



    Time - the world's most valuable commodity. Now you can trade money for time by owning or leasing a private plane! We offer customized plans to own, co-own, lease or time-share a private plane to be based and hangared at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport (KMHT).


    A private plane offers speed, safety, flexibility, comfort, security AND saves time. Your private plane would be ready to take you, your family, pets, friends, associates, clients, employees, equipment or cargo to YOUR destinations, on YOUR schedule, with YOUR pilot.


    Fly in air-conditioned, heated and pressurized comfort. Ride in the back of your airplane as a VIP passenger or ride up front with your pilot! You can even learn how to fly your airplane - hands-on - while traveling for business or pleasure, because your pilot is also an experienced FAA Certificated Flight Instructor (fractional, air charter and jet card operations do NOT allow owners in the cockpit).


    Whether you travel frequently or occasionally, locally or regionally, there's a piston, propjet or fanjet aircraft that will work for you. Choose the airplane that's right for your mission. Trip length and number of passengers/weight of cargo are of primary importance, then cruise speed, flight time, runway requirements, parts support, ground support, acquisition costs, variable costs and fixed costs must be examined before purchase.


    One size does NOT fit all, so we recommend appropriate new or used aircraft for you based on your needs and budget, then YOU make the buying decision (opposed to fractional operations, where you MUST buy a fraction of ONE airplane model that is supposed to work for ALL owners). We recommend 15 different models that will suit anyone’s needs (see "Aircraft Selection" below).


    You can own a piston twin for $300k, a propjet for $900k or a fanjet for $1.5MM. Divide these numbers by two or three co-owners and you can see just how low your capital outlay could be. Or you could lease a plane as an alternative to ownership. Or you could time-share someone else’s airplane.


    We supply all relevant information to you concerning aircraft ownership vs. leasing, then you move forward by purchasing the aircraft fully (1 owner) or as a co-owner (up to 3 co-owners), or by leasing the aircraft (1 lessee), or by time-sharing (up to 3 lessees). Then we manage it for you.


    LEAVE the DETAILS to US​!

    Let us show you the most sensible and cost-controlled way to own or lease a private plane, WITHOUT the complicated contracts, excessive fees and rapid devaluation of fractional operations:


    Step 1. We recommend the appropriate aircraft based on your travel requirements AND budget with the lowest acquisition cost COMBINED WITH the lowest variable operating cost, PILOT INCLUDED, PLUS the lowest fixed cost available! This is accomplished through 43 years of commercial aviation experience.


    Step 2. We search the marketplace to select the right aircraft for you, then you (and your co-buyers, if any) approve and agree to move forward with a title search, visual and flight checks and a pre-buy inspection;


    Step 3. We have the pre-buy done on the aircraft and its logbooks by a third-party Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic and then analyze the results;


    Step 4. We put our heads together and when everyone concerned is satisfied with the aircraft and inspection report, you secure financing through loan or lease arrangements, then purchase or lease the aircraft via a business entity recommended by your attorney;


    Step 5. We fly the plane home to Manchester and manage it for you: liaison, registering, insuring, badging, hangaring, maintaining, updating, cleaning, scheduling and flying, all at a fraction of the cost of a corporate flight department! We handle the day-to-day management of your aircraft, while you maintain operational control.



    Learn to fly by purchasing your own plane (fully or with co-buyers) and we'll train you how to fly it. Ab initio to Advanced!


    Learn to fly for fun or for business, starting in a two or four seat airplane. Good used primary-training planes can be purchased for the price of a new mid-sized car!


    As you gain knowledge and experience, you can step up to faster and higher-flying aircraft. Whether it's a piston, propjet or fanjet, we can make you a proficient pilot in whatever airplane you choose to fly.


    Train at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport and learn to fly with confidence around fast-moving aircraft and heavy jets. Learn to operate in busy airspace and how to fit in with multiple arrivals and departures. Learn how to fly in weather and how to respect Mother Nature.


    Learn to fly with an 8000+hour Airline Transport Pilot and Multi-Engine Instructor who can give you the insight you need to be a safe and conscientious pilot. Learn the common-sense approach to flying.


    We train US Citizens for Student, Recreational, Private, Commercial, Airline Transport and Sport Pilot Licenses, Light Sport, Complex Airplane, High-Performance Airplane, Pressurized Aircraft/High Altitude and Tailwheel Airplane Endorsements and Instrument and Multi-Engine Ratings.


    Plus we offer Mentoring, Biennial Flight Reviews, Instrument Competency Checks and Personalized Ground and Flight Instruction.


    We take pride in our training methods and the success of our students. If you make the commitment to learn, we make the commitment to teach! We ask for 100% because we give 100%.


    Member National Association of Flight Instructors.

  • Aircraft Selection

    Choose Your Own Airplane!

    Piper Superstar 700

    Pressurized Piston Twin

    For mid-altitude all-weather flying, 6 seats, 230KT cruise speed, $300k used purchase price, $650/hr variable cost, model years 1978-1983

    Piper Aerostar 700P

    Pressurized Piston Twin

    For mid-altitude all-weather flying, 6 seats, 230KT cruise speed, $400k used purchase price, $650/hr variable cost, model year 1984

    Piper Mirage

    Pressurized Piston Single

    For mid-altitude all-weather flying, 5 seats, 200KT cruise speed, $400k used purchase price, $360/hr variable cost, model years 1995-present

    Piper Meridian

    Pressurized Propjet Single

    For high-altitude all-weather flying, 5 seats, 250KT cruise speed, $900k used purchase price, $650/hr variable cost, model years 2001-present


    Pressurized Propjet Single

    For high-altitude all-weather flying, 6 seats, 290KT cruise speed, $1.3MM used purchase price, $780/hr variable cost, model years 1991-1998


    Pressurized Propjet Single

    For high-altitude all-weather flying, 6 seats, 290KT cruise speed, $1.4MM used purchase price, $780/hr variable cost, model years 1999-2002

    SOCATA TBM 700C2

    Pressurized Propjet Single

    For high-altitude all-weather flying, 6 seats, 280KT cruise speed, $1.5MM used purchase price, $780/hr variable cost, model years 2003-2006

    Beech King Air C90B

    Pressurized Propjet Twin

    For high-altitude all-weather flying, 7 seats, 230KT cruise speed, $1.5MM used purchase price, $1120/hr variable cost, model years 1992-2005


    Cessna Citation Mustang

    Pressurized Twin Fanjet

    For high-altitude all-weather flying, 6 seats, 330KT cruise speed, $1.5MM used purchase price, $1170/hr variable cost, model years 2006-2017

    Cirrus Vision

    Pressurized Single Fanjet

    For high-altitude all-weather flying, 5 seats, 300KT cruise speed, $2.0MM used purchase price, $790/hr variable cost, model years 2016-present

    SOCATA TBM 850

    Pressurized Propjet Single

    For high-altitude all-weather flying, 6 seats, 310KT cruise speed, $2.0MM used purchase price, $860/hr variable cost, model years 2006-2013

    Pilatus PC-12/45

    Pressurized Propjet Single

    For high-altitude all-weather flying, 8 seats, 260KT cruise speed, $2.3MM used purchase price, $920/hr variable cost, model years 1997-2005

    Beech King Air C90SE

    Pressurized Propjet Twin

    For high-altitude all-weather flying, 7 seats, 230KT cruise speed, $2.5MM used purchase price, $1150/hr variable cost, model years 1995-2000

    Pilatus PC-12/47

    Pressurized Propjet Single

    For high-altitude all-weather flying, 8 seats, 260KT cruise speed, $3.0MM used purchase price, $920/hr variable cost, model years 2006-2008

    SOCATA TBM 900

    Pressurized Propjet Single

    For high-altitude all-weather flying, 6 seats, 320KT cruise speed, $3.0MM used purchase price, $830/hr variable cost, model years 2014-2016

  • Destinations

    17 States, DC, Canada and the Bahamas!


    Bridgeport, Danbury, Groton/New London, Hartford, New Haven, Oxford, Willimantic, Windsor Locks


    Dover, Georgetown, Middletown, Wilmington


    Apalachicola, Avon Park, Bartow, Boca Raton, Brooksville, Crestview, Cross City, Crystal River, Daytona Beach, Deland, Destin, Fernandina Beach, Fort Lauderdale Exec, Fort Myers SW Florida, Fort Myers Page Field, Fort Pierce, Gainesville, Hollywood, Immokalee, Inverness, Jacksonville Cecil, Jacksonville Exec, Jacksonville Herlong, Key West, Lake City, Lakeland, Leesburg, Marathon, Marco Island, Marianna, Melbourne, Merritt Island, Miami Dade-Collier, Miami Exec, Miami Opa Locka, Naples, New Smyrna Beach, Ocala, Okeechobee, Orlando Kissimmee, Orlando Exec, Orlando-Sanford, Ormond Beach, Pahokee, Palm Coast, Panama City, Pensacola, Pompano Beach, Punta Gorda, St Augustine, St Petersburg-Clearwater, Sarasota/Bradenton, Sebring, Stuart, Tallahassee, Tampa Exec, Titusville, Venice, Vero Beach, Wauchula, West Palm Beach, Winter Haven, Zephyrhills


    Albany, Alma, Americus, Athens, Atlanta Paulding, Atlanta Newnan Coweta County, Atlanta Fulton County, Atlanta Cobb County, Atlanta Covington, Atlanta Dekalb-Peachtree, Atlanta Regional, Augusta Regional, Augusta Daniel Field, Bainbridge, Baxley, Blairsville, Blakely, Brunswick Golden Isles, Brunswick McKinnon, Calhoun, Camilla, Canton, Carrollton, Cartersville, Claxton, Columbus, Cordele, Cornelia, Dalton, Douglas, Dublin, Eastman, Elberton, Fitzgerald, Fort Stewart/Hinesville, Gainsville, Hampton, Hazlehurst, Homerville, Jasper, Jefferson, Jesup, Lagrange, Lawrenceville, Macon Downtown, Macon Regional, McRae, Metter, Milledgeville, Moultrie, Perry, Pine Mountain, Reidsville, Rome, Sandersville, Savannah, Statesboro, Swainsboro, Sylvania, Thomaston, Thomasville, Thomson, Tiftin, Toccoa, Valdosta, Vidalia, Washington, Waycross, Waynesboro, Winder


    Grand Bahama Island



    Auburn-Lewiston, Augusta, Bangor, Bar Harbor, Belfast, Brunswick, Caribou, Eastport, Frenchville, Fryeburg, Greenville, Houlton, Millinocket, Norridgewock, Old Town, Portland, Presque Isle, Princeton, Rockland, Sanford, Waterville


    Baltimore, Cambridge, Cumberland, Easton, Frederick, Gaithersburg, Hagerstown, Leonardtown, Oakland, Ocean City, Salisbury, Westminster


    Bedford, Beverly, Fitchburg, Hyannis, Lawrence, Marshfield, Nantucket, New Bedford, North Adams, Norwood, Orange, Pittsfield, Plymouth, Provincetown, Springfield/Chicopee, Vineyard Haven, Westfield/Springfield, Worcester

    New Brunswick

    Fredericton, Moncton, Saint John

    New Hampshire

    Berlin, Concord, Keene, Laconia, Lebanon, Manchester, Nashua, Portsmouth, Rochester, Whitefield

    New Jersey

    Atlantic City, Belmar/Farmingdale, Caldwell, Linden, Millville, Morristown, Robbinsville, Toms River, Trenton, Wildwood

    New Providence Island


    New York

    Albany, Batavia, Binghamton, Brockport, Buffalo, Canandaigua, Dunkirk, East Hampton, Elmira/Corning, Endicott, Farmingdale, Fulton, Glens Falls, Hamilton, Hornell, Hudson, Ithaca, Jamestown, Johnstown, Lake Placid, Malone, Massena, Montgomery, Monticello, Newburgh, NY Islip, Niagara Falls, Norwich, Ogdensburg, Olean, Oneonta, Penn Yan, Plattsburgh, Poughkeepsie, Rochester, Rome, Saranac Lake, Saratoga Springs, Schenectady, Seneca Falls, Shirley, Sidney, Syracuse, Ticonderoga, Watertown, Wellsville, Westhampton Beach, White Plains

    North Carolina

    Ahoskie, Albemarle, Andrews, Ashboro, Asheville, Beaufort, Burlington, Chapel Hill, Charlotte, Clinton, Concord, Currituck, Edenton, Elizabeth City, Elizabethtown, Elkin, Erwin, Fayetteville, Goldsboro, Greensboro, Greenville, Hickory, Jacksonville, Jefferson, Kenansville, Kinston, Lexington, Lincolnton, Louisburg, Lumberton, Manteo, Maxton, Monroe, Morganton, Mount Airy, New Bern, North Wilkesboro, Oak Island, Oxford, Pinehurst/Southern Pines, Plymouth, Raleigh/Durham, Reidsville, Roanoke Rapids, Rockingham, Rocky Mount, Roxboro, Rutherfordton, Salisbury, Sanford, Shelby, Silver City, Smithfield, Statesville, Tarboro, Wadesboro, Wallace, Washington, Whiteville, Williamston, Wilmington, Winston-Salem

    Nova Scotia

    Halifax, Sydney, Yarmouth


    Barrie-Orillia, Hamilton, Kingston, Kitchener-Waterloo, Oshawa, Ottawa, Peterborough, St Catherines, Toronto


    Allentown, Altoona, Beaver Falls, Bedford, Bradford, Butler, Clarion, Clearfield, Coatesville, Du Bois, Erie, Franklin, Harrisburg Capital City, Harrisburg Intl, Hazleton, Indiana, Johnstown, Lancaster, Latrobe, Meadville, Monongahela, Mt. Pocono, New Castle, Perkasie, Philadelphia Northeast, Philipsburg, Pittsburgh Allegheny County, Pottsville, Reading, Reedsville, St. Marys, Selinsgrove, State College, Washington, Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, Williamsport, York, Zelienople

    Prince Edward Island



    Gatineau, Montreal, Quebec City, Sherbrooke, Trois-Rivieres

    Rhode Island

    North Kingstown, Pawtucket, Providence, Westerly

    South Carolina

    Aiken, Allendale, Anderson, Barnwell, Bennettsville, Camden, Charleston Exec, Cheraw, Chester, Clemson, Columbia Metro, Columbia Jim Hamilton, Conway, Darlington, Florence, Georgetown, Greenville Downtown, Greenville Donaldson, Greenwood, Greer, Hartsville, Hilton Head Island, Kingstree, Lancaster, Laurens, Marion, Moncks Corner, Myrtle Beach, Newberry, North Myrtle Beach, Orangeburg, Pickens, Rock Hill, Spartanburg, Summerville, Sumter, Walterboro, Winnsboro


    Barre-Montpelier, Burlington, Newport, Rutland, Springfield


    Abingdon, Blacksburg, Blackstone, Charlottesville, Culpeper, Danville, Dublin, Emporia, Farmville, Franklin, Galax/Hillsville, Hot Springs, Leesburg, Louisa, Lynchburg, Manassas, Marion/Wytheville, Martinsville, Melfa, Newport News, Norfolk/Chesapeake, Norfolk Hampton Roads, Petersburg, Richlands, Richmond/Ashland, Richmond Executive, Roanoke, South Hill, Stafford, Staunton/Waynesboro/Harrisonburg, Suffolk, Tappahannock, Wakefield, Warrenton, West Point, Winchester, Wise


    Gaithersburg,MD, Manassas,VA

    West Virginia

    Beckley, Bluefield, Charleston, Clarksburg, Elkins, Huntington, Lewisburg, Martinsburg, Morgantown, Parkersburg, Spencer, Wheeling, Wiley Ford/Cumberland,MD, Williamson